Best Running Shoes for Men in India

Running shoes are tricky. You know you want the best running shoes pair for your feet but can’t make out from the hundreds of different choices you come across when you go look for a pair.

As with all things in life, you have to go by trial and error. We will explain how to go about in finding the best running shoes for you according to your feet.

If you are in a hurry, you can just check our top choices here:

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Best Running Shoes for Men Under Rs. 2000

1. ASICS Kanmei 2

ASICS Kanmei 2 Running Shoes

The ASICS Kanmei 2 is a synthetic model that will go as a running and a casual as well. It is lightweight and a lot of users reviewed that they are tough to break in but the mesh provides a breathable feeling.

Great for walks and runs however users may have to break them in slowly.

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2. Adidas Adispree 2.0

Adidas Adispree 2.0 Running Shoes

The Adidas Adispree 2.0 is a great shoe for running beginners. It is light and sturdy, too sturdy for some, and has a unique design that people may or may not like.

A problem that was reviewed by users was that the shoe laces came off pretty quickly and randomly. Also, the arch support on the shoe was very uncomfortable for a few people. Other than these few quirks, users reported that they had solid running sessions with the shoe.

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3. Puma Running Shoes

Puma Men's Running Shoes

The Puma Running Shoes are made for people who want thick soles and don’t want the barefoot feel. They are big and clunky but are solid in construction and are great for weight-lifting and training.

The design may not be to everyone’s taste but other than that they are good.

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4. Puma Men’s Engine Running Shoes

Puma Engine Running Shoes

Another great PUMA model, the engine running shoes are great for jogging and weight training. Users reported that it is lightweight and look good on the feet.

Some users reported that the sole seems a bit stiff and hard. Also that the fit is different for this mode. Some users reported that they found going a size up from their regular size gave them a perfect fit.

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5. Reebook Zoon Runner Shoes

Reebok Zoom Runner Shoes

Reebok’s Zoom Runner shoes are one of the most popular shoes used for running. It is a synthetic shoe with laces. It has a good design with the orange accent across the shoe.

The shoe has a thick sole. It can be used for both jogging and weight lifting. A good thing about it is that it has a 90-day warranty against any manufacturing defects.

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6. Reebok Speed XT Running Shoes

Reebok Speed XT Running Shoes

The Reebok Speed XT running shoes are great for people who like lightweight and stylish shoes. It definitely stands out with its white and silver combination.

A lot of users reported that they were happy with both running and using it in the gym. The only thing would be that this shoe would require regular cleaning because it is white and will attract a lot of dirt.

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Best Running Shoes for Men Under Rs. 5000

1. Skechers GoRun 400

Skechers GoRun 400

Skechers GoRun 400 are powered by its GogaMat technology, a sort of engineering done on memory foam. It is great for a variety of workouts and also running.

A lot of users reported that they were very comfortable to wear and run in. They are very lightweight and are quite minimal in their look. Skechers, as a brand, has perfected the art of copying from competitors and making a cheaper version with the same qualities.

This shoe is no different.

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2. Nike Quest

Nike Quest Running Shoes

Nike is the king of running shoes and

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3. Adidas Cosmic 2

Adidas Cosmic 2 Running Shoes Check now

4. ASICS GT-Express

ASICS GT-Express Running Shoes Check now

5. Reebok Gusto Run

Puma Ignite Flash Daylight Running Shoes Check now

Best Running Shoes for Men Under Rs. 10000

2. Nike Men’s Zoom Span 2

Nike Men's Zoom Span 2 Running Shoes Check now

3. Adidas Men’s Energy Cloud M

Adidas Men's Energy Cloud M Running Shoes Check now

4. Puma Netfit

Puma Netfit Running Shoes Check now

Buying Guide for Best Running Shoes for Men in India

1. Your main activity

What are you going to use your shoes for? You might say, duhh running of course. Yes but more important questions are: What kind of surface will you run on? What is the frequency of running? Can you afford to replace your running shoes every two years?

You should pick your shoes with the proper cushioning and the cushion should be as per your running surface. Roads

2. Brands

We found a few brands which have consistently churned out quality shoes and hold up well during time. They have established names in the business and you won’t go wrong if you stick to them. These are (in alphabetical order):

  • Adidas
  • Mizuno
  • New Balance
  • Nike
  • Puma
  • Reebok
  • Skechers
  • Under Armour

3. Difference between Running Shoes and Training Shoes

Running shoes should not be used for training weights and vice-versa. Why is that so? Because training shoes are made with a thicker and heavier cushion to absorb impact from weight training.

Running shoes have lighter foam in the cushion to allow some form of natural impact to your feet to enhance the “feel” of running.

Cross-training programs like Crossfit where cardio and weight-lifting are mixed require a mix of both types of shoes. Fortunately, there are shoes that fit this bill.

4. Price

We capped our pricing to Rs. 10,000 since we think if you want to go beyond that, you want something every specific from a shoe as a professional does. This is an all-purpose guide to benefit as many people as possible while staying true to value.

5. User Experience

Running shoes are a wildly opinionated topic where everyone has their favourite model. We went through numerous guides and rankings for running shoes and picked out the ones that had the most favourable reviews after a ton of user reviews. One of the rankings we used is:

Last update on 2021-09-04