16 Best Baby Shower Gifts in India

Have a friend or relative who has a baby shower coming up? Do you want to give something other than just an “envelope”? We help you brainstorm some baby shower gift ideas so that you don’t have to stress about it.

Baby Carriers – One of the Best Baby Shower Gifts in India

Baby Carrier Cum Kangaroo Bag
2,329 Reviews

Carrying your little one like a kangaroo has been a dream (meme?) for parents. Gift them the perfect little baby carrier which comes in different colours and is rated very highly on Amazon.

Get the to-be parents a gift they will definitely find use for – the perfect infant car seat! With three recline positions and safety harnesses, this is a great gift for parents with cars.

This is on the list of every parent, so you would be definitely be doing them a favour by gifting them a playpen for their kid. This one picked by us is easy to fold and carry and it has a zipper door. It comes in different colours, so pick the one you like!

Baby Bedding and Clothes

3 in 1 Baby Blanket/Safety/Sleeping Bag
980 Reviews

Baby blankets are a thing a parent can’t have enough of. This is a 3-in-1 blanket that can be used as a sleeping bag too. It is very soft and comfortable and well rated on Amazon.

Baby's Handmade Cap
156 Reviews

Get the parents fashionable handmade baby caps which would look super cute on newborns. Extra credit if you see posts on social media of the little one wearing your gifted cap.

Bio-Gen Foam Pillow for Infants
1,000 Reviews

Everybody gifts a pillow to a baby but how many babies get a pillow made of organic cotton, is hypo-allergenic and bacteria-resistant? Not many.

This pillow is great for head, spine and shoulder support of infants. It is available in many different prints and we’re sure parents will love this.

Baby Elephant Pillow
2,930 Reviews

A cute elephant pillow which can double up as a toy and a pillow for the baby to sleep in. Looks cute and suitable for babies to play with.

Onesies are always useful for parents. They will buy loads of them and will definitely use it if you give one. This pack of three onesies is of great quality and is suitable for whether it is a boy or a girl.

Organic cotton New Born Baby Socks
550 Reviews

Organic cotton socks are soft and supple and a neat baby shower present to give. These are the best-rated on Amazon and have nice designs.

Every imminent parent needs diaper bags. This foldable diaper bag has got ample space and has customizable inside compartments. It is made of PU leather and will be useful for car and outdoor trips.

Toys and Games

Every baby loves toys and rattles and almost every parent is going to get one for newborn anyway so why not gift them a set beforehand?

This set of rattles and teethers from Amazon is highly rated and of very good quality.

A rotating rattle helps babies to calm down and go to sleep which makes it a good gift for a baby-shower. This set is easy to set up and it helps the baby sleep by rotating/

Baby Diaries and Albums

My Baby Record Book
1,931 Reviews

Gift this wonderful first year record book for a baby. Their parents will love the gesture and they will get to record their most precious moments that get lost in the days of smartphones and tablets.

Baby Love Scrapbook Photo Album
2,073 Reviews

If you don’t want to give a written entry sort of diary, then this scrapbook would be a better option for people who want to store photos more. It has a wooden cover and looks very premium with black pages inside.

Baby Monitors

Mi 360° 1080P WiFi Home Security Camera
35,425 Reviews

The Mi Camera is the perfect gift for parents who want to keep an eye on their child all the time. This camera connects wirelessly through WiFi and you can see footage on your phone. You can even move the camera 360 degrees with your phone.

Parenting Books

Parenting books are actually one of the best baby shower gifts in India for would-be parents. Books given as gifts hold sentimental value to people who receive them and they may thank you for it for years if they benefit from them especially in their parental development.

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