6 Gym Accessories You Must Have For Your Workouts

You might go to a gym which is decked out with the latest treadmills and nautilus machines but there are certain things you need but your gym doesn’t have that and even refuse to buy it for its customers. We shortlisted a few of the items we think are very useful to have in a gym with you.

1. Weight Dip Belt by Kobo

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Most gyms carry a waist belt to correct your back form but many do not have the chained dipping belt which is used to do weighted chin-ups, pull-ups and dips. Known as a “dipping belt”, this belt allows you to increase your chin-ups and dips in intensity and endurance. Learning how to do weighted chin-ups and dips not only increase your strength but also grows your body more quickly than doing free weighted dips or chin-ups.

Kobo’s dipping belt is perfect for doing weighted chin-ups and dips up to 90 kg. The belt wraps around your waist and you put the chain through the weight from where you can clip the chain with the hook given in the belt. It is incredibly easy and fast once you get the hang of it and we definitely recommend it.

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2. Workout Socks by Tego

Tego Workout Socks

Tego is a wonderful startup brand from India which focuses on selling high-quality cloth material especially used in athletics and sports. These workout socks from Tego are the best socks we found for working out, even when comparing them with the ones offered by the big three – Nike, Adidas, and Puma.

They are thick and durable but still feel very soft. They are ankle length socks and are great for long-lasting workout sessions. They give a snug fit and you can be assured of no blisters on your feet even after running a marathon in them – they are that high quality.

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3. Fitkit Classic Bottle Shaker

Fitkit Classic Bottle Shaker (700ml, Grey/Black , Plastic) Pack of 1

If you do work out at a gym there is a high chance you’ve seen people carrying their whey protein shakes in bottles along with them in the gym. People usually are ready with a post-workout protein shake as soon as they finish the workout.

The Fitkit Classic Bottle Shaker does everything well thanks to a metal ball wire whisk which mixes all your ingredients by shaking it. It has a capacity of 700 ml which is big enough for every type of shake you can imagine.

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4. Grip Support Cotton Band by Kobo

Kobo Cotton Wrist Support

The Kobo grip support band helps you keep your wrist form correct while doing your exercises. Not to be confused with gym gloves, the sole function of this support band is to keep your wrist straight so that it doesn’t bend and adds unneeded pressure on your wrist bone.

It helps you avoid any potential injuries and allows you to lift more weight. Kobo makes great quality products and this one is no exception. It has a good velcro strap and is adjustable according to most wrist sizes – thin or thick.

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5. Lifting Chalk 

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Commercial gyms may not like them but chalk is one the most useful workout accessories you can have at a gym. Apart from allowing you to lift heavy barbells, they save you from potential injuries. It allows you to push hard in exercises such as barbell deadlifts and bench presses.

The Be Strong Lifting Chalk comes in a resealable pack of 100 grams. Typically, one bag should last around 6 months and can be used for many other sports which require your hands to be dry like javelin throwing, gymnastics, and rock climbing. The only downside of using chalk is the mess you might leave in the gym.

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6. Health Sense Chef-Mate Digital Kitchen Scale

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Ever heard the phrase, “Abs are made in the kitchen.”? Well, it’s true. No matter how hard you work out in the gym, it won’t matter until you eat proper food according to your daily caloric requirements. A digital kitchen food scale goes a long way in maintaining your diet. You will be surprised to see how much an ounce of serving actually. We underestimate the weight of the food we eat and the calories they contain and hence fall short of our goals.

The Health Sense Chef-Mate Food Scale allows you to weigh up to 5000 grams easily and quickly with a good bright blue display to show you the weight of every item you put on it. It’s one of the best rated and highest selling digital scales in Amazon India. It’s worth having it in your kitchen.

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Last update on 2021-09-04